What Type of Timeshares Do You Buy?

Almost any type of Timeshare. We prefer ones in the main vacation spots and in the prime vacation weeks, but we will consider all options.

What is the Cost?

No costs at all. We are paying cash for your timeshare. We pay for all transfer and attorney charges.

What's the Catch?

No catch. We just want to buy your timeshare. We will pay you cash and you will incur no costs. Plain and simple.

Do your rent Weeks/Days or Both?

We purchase Timeshare weeks and therefore only rent weeks.

How Much Do You Charge?

We must cover the normal weekly maintenance fees plus a small admin charge. Typically hundreds of dollars less per night than if you were to book direct.

Do We Need to Attend a Sales Demo

Never. We want you to enjoy your vacation. We are not in the business of selling timeshares, we want to buy them.

How Many Bedrooms?

It depends on the property. Typically they are 2 or 3 bedroom family properties.